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May all your landings be smooth and right side up!

Latest news....
After being off line for a long time, my video server is back up. Since this page has been offline, I've still be editing video. Please checkout the video page at NSP. I didn't shoot many of these, but I did edit and post some. NSP video's focus on the products they sell. I also produced a very nice DVD video catalog for NSP. Fell free to contact me if you are interested in a custom DVD.

Date Title


Size length
1/3/05 Omega 1.8E Video for NSP - the Omega 1.8E 10.4m 4:17
1/3/05 Butterfly Video for NSP - the Butterfly indoor slow flyer 5.8m 2:12
1/1/05 Bell 230 Airstar Intl, Bell 230, 1/3rd scale, Jet Turbine 2.4m 34
1/3/05 Hughes 500 1/4 scale Hughes 500 Jet Turbine 2.4m 34
1/3/05 Butterfly Crash Indoor flyer - crashes into camera 2.4m 34
1/3/05 Silent dream 2.8 Silent Dream 2.8 flight test 2.4m 34
1/3/05 Omega 2m E Omega 2m E - flight test 2.4m 34
1/3/05 AcroPhat AcroPhat flight test 2.4m 34
1/3/05 Aventura III Crash Hobby Lobby's Aventura III Seaplane crash 2.4m 34
1/3/05 Aventura III flight Hobby Lobby's Aventura III Seaplane flying on Puget Sound 9.7m 1:21
1/3/05 Accord 47 in flight NSP's Accord 47 in flight 11.7m 2:55
01/25/02 Nice Flight My first flight  of the Fall Festival 2001 at the CVRC field in Visalia, CA 5.9m 1.21
8/21/01 Bye for now Missing man formation - An airplane funeral 4.4m 60
8/14/01 9m aerobatics Steve dose some cool aerobatics with his 9m ASH 25 3.4m 46
8/14/01 9m flight Another good flight with the 9m, tow, flyby, and landing 3m 41
8/14/01 Wilga Steve dose a low pass, drops the line, pulls vertical, then swings around for a nice landing 3m 42
8/14/01 Chris's DG Chris Burg and his 4.2m DG600 1.6m 22
8/14/01 Dave's Duo My 5.3m EMS Duo Discus, On the flight line, tow, and landing 4.4m 60
8/14/01 Don's Ka8 Don Bailey's Ka8 - NICE LANDING!!!! 1m 13
8/14/01 Dave's Extra My old friend, a Carl Goldberg Extra 300, Take off, a few aerobatics and a landing 4m 56
8/12/01 9m tow Madden Tow of Steve's 9 Meter ASH 25 2.6m 36
8/12/01 9m landing Much better landing - this is how its done! 3.1m 43
8/12/01 Wilga After a successful tow Don Bailey lands the Wilga 2m 27
8/12/01 Aerobatics Phil Hui and his 6m ASH 26 2.7m 38
8/12/01 Landing Phil Hui and his 6m ASH 26 - normally he dose much better then this!!  2.1m 30
8/12/01 Highspeed1 Nice high speed pass, love the sound! 1.4m 20
8/12/01 Highspeed2 another good high speed pass 1.4m 20
8/12/01 Tiger Moth Don Bailey's Kyosho Tiger Moth aerobatics 4.8m 1.07
7/28/01 Cmelak Dave Beardsley land the Cmelak after the madden Tow of the 9 meter 2m 28
7/28/01 Virus Video taken at the SASS filed - NSP's Virus 400 with Ailerons, Kontronik Fun 400 Drive, some good flybys 1.2m 17
7/28/01 P-51 Flybys Video taken at the SASS filed - Custom Speed 400 P-51 - super fast! 2.8m 38
7/28/01 Varmint Video taken at the SASS filed - Mark Levoe Varmint Speed 400 sport / pylon plane 2.8m 38

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