I've just put my site back online after being down for a long time.

Funny how my own stuff keeps landing on the back burner while I complete my work for all other projects. I've updated some of the links bellow, but I cant guarantee everything on my site will work correctly, as I've not tested it since loading on this server.

What little time I do have has been spent on Face book

David Beardsley's Facebook profile 

I will try and update my site as time permits, but things are looking very booked for the for seeable future.

Quick Links / Photos & Videos:



  • 2008 FAI F3J World Champs here

  • 2007 USA F3J Team Selects here

  • My OVI-Share Soaring channel here

  • Jet's over Whidbey Fly-in here

  • Misc family photos on OVI-Share here

  • Wedding here

  • Recent home studio shots here

  • Full Scale flying - my plane N3603L here

  • Commissioned Photos (Kiona) here

  • Commissioned Photos here

  • Commissioned Photos covers / centerfolds here

  • Non-commissioned Photos here

  • Great Planes Extra 300 Electric (.40 size). here

  • Electric Cub Aero Tow here

  • V-50 Pictures - this is a hot 12 cell plane! here

  • My shop.here

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