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  Sig 1/4 scale Piper J3 Cub. Powered by an Aveox 1817/3y @ 3.5 or 3.0:1 on a Model Air Tech H-1500 Belt drive with 32 - 40 cells, spinning a 20x10 or 22x12 prop this baby has LOTS OF POWER. The Plane was built by my good buddy Jim Thomas in Folsom CA. The kit is mostly stock - just a few light ply parts swapped out for balsa in the fuse. Randy "Cub Master" Smithhisler helped me with the wiring harness. I've been flying the plane for about 9 months. We've successfully Aero Towed with it, and I've recently done some on board video. With the belt drive all you here is the prop. This is one of my favorite planes. Most people land when I get ready to fly - just to watch!

     This is my Levoe Design's (Super V guy) Varmint 400 sport/racer. You can't have more fun for the $$. I get 7min+ aerobatics flights. Speed 400 6v on 7 500ar cells, Cam 5X5 prop.

click to view full screen Here is my old FVK Models Blues 400. 2 piece wing, 7cell 600mah, Rocket 400 w/ 4.4:1 planetary box spinning a Cam 11X8 folder, ready to fly weight 19.6oz. 30min + flights were the norm with this thing. I had allot of fun flying this plane from my driveway.

click to view full screen This is my Midwest E-HOTS. 7cell, stock motor, 7x6 prop. 42oz ready to fly. With more power this would be a great plane!

click to view full screen click to view full screen The Great Planes Electro Streak. This plane turned out beautifully. Thanks to all the help from the E-FLIGHT mailing list, I added the proper power package. 42.5oz ready to fly. ASTRO sport 15 on 10 2000mah cells - Top Flight 8x5 prop.

    My Goldberg Cub. Finished in the military colors. I converted this plane to E-power before I ever got it in the air with the gas setup. Now its ready to tow 1/4 scale gliders at the SASS field. Currently I'm flying with an Aveox 1415/2y at 3.8:1 spinning a 15X7 prop at 7750+ rpm on 24 - 2000mah cells. The plane was originally built for gas so its a little heavy. Ready to fly weight is just over 10 lbs.

click to view full screen Here are some pictures of my newest plane. My good buddy Jim Thomas built this CG Ultimate with quite a few modifications for E - power. For the first few flights I'm using the power combo out of the Cub. I plan to fly it with an Aveox 1415/4y at 3.something:1 on 32+ 2000mah cells spinning a 18X?? prop for about 30 amps. As it flew on the day of these pictures its weight was only 142 oz. There is a total of 6 pictures, click on this one then follow the links at the bottom of each page.

click to view full screen This is my CAB Designs P-51 Mustang. 7 500ar cells and a speed 400 6v motor spin a Robe 6X3 folding prop. Lots of fun to fly, super stable, and it's only 16 oz ready to fly! I'm thinking about putting a Astro 020 brushless and a CAM 5X5 prop for some real vertical performance!

click to view full screen This is one COOL plane!!!! It's a Muller Mini Ellipse. Plane weights 27.5 oz ready to fly with 10 500ar cells turning a 12X6 prop on an Astro 020 brushless motor. The plane will go straight up! One of the great things about this plane is the awesome airbrush work! I can't take credit for the paint job, it was done by a friend in Utah. There is a total of 4 pictures of this plane - look at them all, you'll see why everyone calls it the SEX plane.

More V-50 Picts click here

Levoe Designs Varmint 50 (V50). 52oz, 10-12 2000mah cells 1409/3y direct with a 10X6 or 1406/2y 3.7:1 spinning a 12X6. This is a picture of Marks plane - V50 prototype #2 (don't have any picts of mine yet - its the same, but with Blue trim). The plane is available from Levoe Designs. Construction is typical, wood over foam wings, sheet balsa tails (V or Conventional), and a glass painted fuse. Mine is flying with the 1406/2y setup on 12 cells it goes straight up. Lots of fun to fly!