• Sig 1/4 Scale Piper Cub
  • Wingspan - 108 inches
  • Wing Area - 1600 sq. in.
  • Fuselage Length - 67 inches
  • Weight - 16+ Lbs (260 oz)
  • Motor: Aveox 1817/3y @ 3.0:1 on a Model Air Tech H1500 Belt Drive
  • Propeller 20x10 or 20x12
  • Batteries: 32 - 40 cells, 2000 or 2400's


Piper Cub Pictures:

Click on the Thumb nail images to enlarge

Maiden Voyage



The Day I picked it up in Sacramento CA


Me and my buddy Jim Thomas - the builder


Just after Take off on the maiden flight


Maiden flight fly-by. Slow pass


Cover Shots



Cub and Ka8


Don and I with our planes


Another Shot of Don and I


Fly By



Coming in for a landing


A low pass


Ready to drop the Tow line


Turing around


A nice overhead pass


Heading for home


On Tow


On Tow


Flight Line



At the SASS field - Cub in the back of the Truck



 I've got a total babe for a pilot!


Me and "Maiden Tow" pilot Steve Dentz 


Checking the connections, don't want to fry


Don Bailey's Tow Release


Me and Steve


Big Battery Pack


In Deep Thought


Lots of wires


Aero Tow



Hooked up and ready


Begin the take off run


Ka8 is airborne


Climbing out


More -


More -


More -


More -


More -


More -


More -


Another take off roll


On tow and up we go





Don Bailey and his Ka8


Don - in a Thermal


Don with Ka8


Hooking up the tow line


Ka8 on tow


Ka8 on approach